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I am a vlogger who just wants students to feel happier & be less stressed. Hit me up on my website, Facebook, Tumblr, etc (all of that info can be found in the links section).

"True Happiness Brings More Riches Than All The Money In The World" - Unknown

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  1. Compassion Bridges
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  1. The trailer will be on my Vimeo page, & I'll definitely make sure you get a copy of the movie. Thanks for the support!
  2. Oh okay no problem :) Hey that's awesome, could you send to me once it's done? Also, you seem to be more active on Vimeo than me, so I was wondering: do you ever have problem with the upload speeds on Vimeo? Every time I try to upload videos…
  3. No, i have videos on Youtube, but i don't have a Youtube page. You could search the CGIS channel on Youtube to see some of my earlier work with CGIS, but i'm primarily on Vimeo. Just a heads up, later this week i"ll be putting up a trailer for a…