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Dan Searle has a BFA from School of Visual Arts NYC and studied film at NYU Film School and UCLA. In 2006 he formed Baco Productions with Alberto Zeni. "Ablution" is Baco's first production.

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  1. gibran hammurabi commented on Ablution
    bien realizada, y bastante triste, un retrato del conflicto en muchas partes del mundo.
  2. Chris Witt commented on Ablution
    Oh yeah! Haha.. to add to my comment... when Dan interviewed me for the editor position, I told him how he could either have someone young and hungry that would go 110% in like me or someone like Walter Murch who might only spare a weekend of his…
  3. Chris Witt commented on Ablution
    Yay! Ablution finally hits the internet! This film was one of the first film projects I cut. Dan and his team did an incredible job making this movie. I'm proud to have had the chance to collaborate with them.