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Whenever the sunshine begins to melt away at a climate-beaten Montreal’s winter blues, all is forgiven between frustrated city dwellers and Mother Nature, but that doesn’t stop native son Hadi Adel Abdullah from seeking year-round love by being Bad Weather.

The singer/emcee, with his atmospheric, guitar-and-drum-driven blend of downtempo hip hop and ambient, lo-fi rock, has never propounded to be a one-man-band as much as a singular force of nature: unpredictable, at times ravaging, oddly soothing, and always leaving the listener in peaceful awe when the clouds break.

Having left in his wake two free EPs in as many seasons – 2010’s Thirst, and its more refined bookend, Portrait – Bad Weather brings the rain to a musical field largely barren of sonic precipitation, dried-up and desolated by scorching rays of complacent, lacklustre modern sound patterns.

For all the hard work he puts in at home, Weather has still been better received away from the eye of the storm. Warmly welcomed across regions from California to NYC, he shifts his system overseas to Europe in summer 2011, all the while adding strata to a near-looming debut LP.

Operating under a second pseudonym as Rough Draft (which, he feels, better frames the constant evolution his lyrical dynamic), Weather collaborates closely and frequently with another emerging Montreal talent, producer/arranger and DJ Conn Shawnery, with whom he hosts mainstay monthly open mic Spit the Truth, one of the most important networking venues for rappers, producers and spoken word artists in town.

A welcome contributor to respected Montreal-based organic improv soul/jazz/hip hop collective Kalmunity, the entirely self-managed, self-financed artist also helps spearhead Throw Poetry Collective, a loose-knit association of local poets dedicated to keeping slam alive.

For once, someone has the forecast straight. Put up the storm windows and get ready for the deluge. Bad Weather is in the air.

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