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North Carolina

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To create a global 360² movement that opens the minds of business leaders, allowing the dreaming, planning, training, and doing to grow and prosper.

We contract with entrepreneurs and companies looking for a long-term 360² cohesive training program. Our 360² methodology includes group training with follow through one-on-one coaching plans that address work, home, and life. Ensuring the training aligns with company goals, we create, monitor, and analyze reporting metrics to measure the impact of training activities and turnover rates. Starting with new employees, we conduct orientation and training programs on processes and procedures, and then collaborate with leaders looking to create tools and training solutions to address and bridge the gap with all employees between knowledge, competency and skills. To create a stronger change agent and reinforce the training, we develop individual coaching plans and curriculum for each trainee to improve training effectiveness by developing new approaches, techniques, and sharing best practices all 
while making support readily available. Communicating with management throughout the training process, Balance & Harmony 360², Inc. share recommendations for improving the training impact based on performance data as well as through observations. Call today to create and implement standards for training development, delivery and measurements.

Changing the Way Companies Dream, Plan, Train, and Do!

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