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User Bio connects artists, service providers and audiences by providing both a content creation factory and a global content distribution network that gives device makers and service providers a high differentiated music content offering, while giving emerging artists free high-quality video creation, a means for monetization, and an instant global audience. This one-of-a-kind end-to-end music content solution and global licensing approach creates brand new economic opportunities and incentives for the entire music ecosystem.

* We record HD videos of the best emerging bands for free.
* We share all profits 50/50 with the artists.
* Our content is instantly available to a global audience, on any device.

There are thousands of talented bands out there, and many millions of music enthusiasts who are eager to discover the next big thing. exists to connect the best bands with the most fans-and we don't get paid until they do.
Media Distribution, Music Production, Music Content for Smart Devices

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