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Banana Films started as a curiosity. A curiosity of knowing what was there on the other side of the ocean. María Jordá, born in Barcelona but American by adoption, created Banana Films almost twenty years ago. At the beginning it offered a production service to all those who wanted to tell stories for their brands, their tv channels or even for their own fun.

Later, the ambition to expand the aesthetic pleasure, to widen the knowledge, to add new experiences, transformed Banana Films into an advertising, tv programs, video clips and brand contents production company.

Thanks to the daily exercise of combining technique with art, technological developments with handicrafts, marketing with common sense, in Banana Films we have learned that achieving a balance demands a constant effort not only of our minds but also of our perseverance.

Banana Films is a place where we artists, who always have a fresh and experience based attitude, try to challenge ourselves to go on doing our jobs this way.

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