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Vancouver, BC

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An innovative & dedicated multimedia production company; working on a diverse range of projects including music videos, TV, and documentaries.

Featuring work across multiple mediums, Bangtown are dedicated to pushing the envelope of digital creativity. Vancouver, BC is our home - although our projects span across the continent and overseas.


  1. Matt Lawrence Dix
  2. Tim Hetherington
  3. Onesize
  4. Nick White
  5. Flaminguettes
  6. Shane Black
  7. Christian Coppe
  8. Caleb & Shawn
  9. emmagination
  10. Vincent Laforet
  11. Shane Hurlbut, ASC
  12. Anton Lorimer
  13. Tom Guilmette
  14. Morph Studio
  15. Rick Mereki
  16. Astray Films
  17. Philip Bloom
  18. FStoppers