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Combining Southern Idaho sensibilities (”Damn straight I am surfin’ this here crick with a truck bungee and a plywood plank!) with his chemical engineering mindset (”Can we get some vulcanized rubber in this baby?”), Banshee Bungee CEO Kevin Veon perfected a simple, revolutionary invention: the boardbungee.

These big, tough boardbungees are designed for one purpose: hucking willing human beings across their surface of choice, be it asphalt, concrete, rails, snow, ocean spray or river current. The promise of easy speed seduces surfers, skimmers, skaters, longboarders, urban jibbers, skiers, snowboarders and riverboarders alike into a torrid affair with the lithe black beauties. In a post-adrenaline haze, the smitten cast aside boats, ramps, lift tickets and other yesteryear propulsion devices like last weekend’s post-kegger hookup.

Just like their devotees, Banshee Bungees love a little abuse. With three strands of vulcanized rubber providing their tough demeanor, the boardbungees are ready for just about anything. Drown them in saltwater, freeze them in Minnesota, drag them around the concrete jungle: they’ll still spit a speed freak out at 35 miles per hour, for hundreds of feet – launch after launch.

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