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Independent film maker.
A few projects from the eigthies.
I have just completed STRONG ARM OF THE LAW - a short Western cine-poem filmed on location in Arizona.
It's about a Texas Ranger who leaves his home state in search of the outlaw who shot his father in the back a few years earlier.
We are pleased to say that we picked up a few awards for this project.
I have also just finished a "Haggis" Western. Filmed up in Aberdeenshire it is a short 30 minute western and due to have its premiere in Sept 2014.
Filming is also complete on another short film. Desert Monologue is set in the wastelands of the southern Arizona desert and is about a lone cowboy who has lost his horse, is running low on water and whose mind and brain is slowly frying under the scorching sun. Editing starts in August 2014 and should be complete by the end of the year.

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