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Barbara Toraldo is a southern italian performer currently based in Berlin. She started experiencing movement in 2000 with African dance and Ballet. In 2004/05 she attended the dance theater-atelier in the Art school Paolo Grassi in Milan. In 2006 she moves to Berlin where she meets contact dance and Butoh.
From this moment on her focus shifts spontaneously towards improvisation. Her performances are mainly with live music and reference to the influence of senses, subconscious and abstract images. Her interests include video making, the latest self conceived works are “IDM,D,”and “I´m Looking for me, ein Film in Bewegung”.
The present sees her involved with the collectives Femme Fraktale, Sparkling Fishes in Dark Waters (Giulia Spugnoli -live painting, Mario Stagi- live electronic music) the musician Monowatt and with DGS (german sign language).

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