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I graduated from the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology the faculty of New Media Arts, department – Graphic in 2012 in Warsaw. Completed a Master's degree in specialization of 3D animation. Interested in widely understood graphics and animation. The "Dull life" is my debut animation film.

Dull Life Film:


  1. Merlin Flügel
  2. Anika Jarzynka
  3. Dazed
  4. Charles Huettner
  5. ◥ panGenerator
  6. Katarzyna Guzowska
  7. Platige Image
  8. Noé Lecombre
  9. Gergely Wootsch
  10. Malcolm Sutherland
  11. Rebel Banana
  12. Jeff Le Bars
  13. EXIT 73 studios
  14. Animated ShortFilms
  15. Yuki 7
  16. Nike Snowboarding
  17. Evan Viera
  18. Good Books

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