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Basil is an award-winning composer, musical director, sound artist, and producer, working in film, television, theatre, dance, album production and installation. He is known for his unique mix of emotive traditional music with sonic textures and evocative studio production techniques.

He composed the score for the critically acclaimed feature film Romulus My Father, starring Eric Bana and Franka Potente, for which he received an AFI nomination. Recently he worked on the Dreamworks arena show of How To Train Your Dragon as composer and arranger, working with Jónsi (of legendary Icelandic band Sigur Rós) and renowned film composerJohn Powell, under the direction of Nigel Jamieson.He completed writing songs and scoring Andy X, the latest musical film masterpiece by Jim Sharman (Rocky Horror Picture Show).

Basil has scored over thirty films, many of them screening in international film festivals and winning awards. Recently his score and sound design for the short film Apricot gained much critical acclaim after the film was voted Best Narrative Film at the Vimeo Awards. His orchestral score for the music-driven art-film SUB- won the prestigious Directors Choice Gold Medal at the Park City Film Music Festival.

For the stage, Basil has collaborated with some of Australia’s theatre greats on mainstage shows for Sydney Theatre Co, Melbourne Theatre Co, Company B, Bell Shakespeare, and Griffin. He collaborated with Nigel Jamieson on Wrong Skin, a devised dance/drama piece at the Adelaide and Darwin Festivals featuring the famed Chooky Dancers. He was the musical director and pianist in Germany and Poland for Mrs Bang: a Series of Seductions which won Best Cabaret at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, and was nominated for a Green Room award. He received the Sydney Theatre Award for Best Score, for the critically acclaimed Three Furies, (Sydney, Auckland, Perth and Adelaide Arts Festivals), also directed by Jim Sharman. He also composed and conducted live music for Dream Masons, a devised outdoor theatrical spectacle which opened Tasmania’s Ten Days on the Island to 12 000 people, featuring a 18 piece ensemble and choir.

For television, Basil has composed for documentaries and many TV commercials. He composed the score for Hammer Bay, a one-hour drama for MTV that won the inaugural One80 competition. He recently also composed music and directed his team of composers at FirstCut Studio for the most recent One80 winner, The Sellers.

Originally trained as an architect, his collaborations with renowned video installation artist Kate Murphy explored relationships between music/sound, image, narrative, and architectural space. He also arranged and produced the latest CD release of singer-songwriter Hero Fisher and has released an album featuring his dark soundscape scores of The Perfect Boy (film) and Trapture (performance theatre).

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