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    by basil iskandrian

    3 Videos

    Sample of editorial editing.

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    Family Films

    by basil iskandrian

    0 Videos

    A series of video shorts from past and present. These are all privately locked down so only family members who are also contacts have access to view and download.

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    Commercial Work

    by basil iskandrian

    19 Videos

    A sample collection of commercial work.

  4. 08:03

    MFA Work

    by basil iskandrian

    6 Videos

    work created while pursuing my MFA in Motion media Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design

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    by basil iskandrian

    2 Videos

    Various motion graphic pieces created over the years.

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    ATL-A/V Group

    by basil iskandrian

    0 Videos

    A group of creatives have decided to create a monthly video challenge with a different theme each month

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    Snowboarding:The Video Archives

    by basil iskandrian

    2 Videos

    Various snowboard edited segments and clips of days past.

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