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BC Productions is based in Fairfield, Iowa

BC Productions' documentary Kora, about the most sacred mountain the Himalayas, won awards for Best Documentary and Best Music at the Wild Rose Independent Film Festival in Des Moines recently. Kora was also a nominee for Best Iowa Film. Burt is an award winning inspirational and humorist speaker and has given hundreds of keynotes from Alaska to Georgia. He is currently in production on two documentary films, TirthRaj and Fairfield and The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

In order to fund his filmmaking habit, Burt Chojnowski started the Iowa heirloom popcorn company, Chief Appanoose Popcorn. When he was nineteen, Burt started the first natural food restaurant in the Midwest and was on the team that created Maharishi International University and moved it to Iowa in 1974. One of his great accomplishments may have been when he won a white ribbon at the 2010 Iowa State during the cow-chip toss.

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