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In the world of Hip-Hop, it’s one thing to name yourself, but a whole other story when it’s your friends and peers that give you a name they feel you can carry to truth. At 18, Berto was dubbed “BdBusiness”, and since then has worked hard at pushing himself to make sure he lives up to it. As Co-Founder of GoodLife Music Group, his focus goes beyond himself as an artist and stems to helping everyone else involved to succeed together.

Having grown up embracing the Hip-Hop culture, it’s no surprise that artists such as Big Pun, Common and Atmosphere quickly influenced him. His Spanish roots also played a role in his love for poetic lyrics with artists such as Hector Lavoe.

In 2006, BdBusiness and Fayze founded GoodLife Music Group. Since then, it’s been a journey with both good and bad experiences, but he considers it a blessing nonetheless. “Jay (Fayze) believes in what I want to do and what I want to accomplish”, and so BdBusiness continues to grow and learn as both an artist and an entrepreneur.

For now, he is taking his experience as a performer and his loyalty to GoodLife Music Group and trying to go as far as he can. He has two projects in the works right now: a collaboration with other Chicago artists, and a follow-up to his Waste Management EP. With his hard work and exceptional team behind him, he’s sure to be reaching his goal soon. As he says, “I wanna be able to live off of this business but I also want to be among those respected”."Its All Bout livin a GoodLife"

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