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The Brighton Digital Festival After Party is a showcase of electronic arts, music and education running the entire month of September, with the opening event kicking off on Friday, Aug31st 2012!

+ Enjoy awe-inspiring and creative digital visuals on amazing displays!

+ Enrol in fun daytime workshops to learn software packages or build your own AV instruments – bring your iPhone or Android device along to one of our shows and take part in audience-powered performances!

+ Expect to hear the future flavours of Classical, Dubstep, Folk, Funk, Hip Hop, House, Noise and Pop music, played on circuit-bent hardware or custom software patches.

Co-curated by Lighthouse Arts and Brightonism, we focus on the experimental and the evocative, promoting a genuine inclusiveness in our approach to showcasing the electronic arts to new audiences in Brighton. The principle aim is to provide a platform for local and international acts at events that would normally be sidelined by the commercial constraints of more traditional festivals.

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  6. Marco Bagni LostConversation
  7. Limbic Cinema
  8. Memo Akten
  9. Charlie V.
  10. Sinn Yangho
  11. elektropastete
  12. VJ Air
  13. Yannick Jacquet (Legoman)
  14. Thorsten Fleisch
  15. lasal
  16. Renaud Futterer
  17. zenbullets
  18. Natan Sinigaglia

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