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Sydney, Australia

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What is Beach Snow?

Same old story. Import taxes plus individuality in Australia comes at a high price. It gets a little disheartening when you spend your weeks paycheck on those new L1 pants only to see someone with all the gear but no idea, rocking the same damn thing.

But you see, we here at Beach Snow know want you want and we can get it to your door without all the fuss.

No longer will you have to fly all the way to America, just to spend every day stocking up on those cheap necessities, only to rock up at the airport with a bag full of Steeze and a over weight suitcase.

Beach snow is not just another online store, we are an online website where we will provide Australia with unique skate, surf, street and snow brands.

Mainstream was never cool. So get online and be quick. Stock won’t last. Seriously…

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