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Beatriz Abad was born in Madrid Spain where after years of preparation she received her degree in directing, screenwriting and film editing from the Escuela de Cine Séptima Ars.

Her college studies were in Political Sceince at the Madrid Complutense University and she also received a degree in Classical and Contemporary Dance at the Conservatorio de Danza de Madrid.
Beatriz not only received her film education from the school rooms but also from the world of theatre and classical music where from the age of 4 until her teens she combined her studying with her dancing. Her preparacion in the film schools were the direct result of her desire to mold a circumspect and studied method for use behind the camera.

Beatriz Abad´s work has had the most exposure to date in the realm of musical videos. More than 20 of her musical videos have reached large audiences on television programs such as “40 Principales”, “KISS TV” as well as “MTV”. She has been interviewed on “Radio Nacional 3” and has been written up in musica magazines relating to her most recent projects “Coche” and “Tanto te dirán” musical group AER. On various occasions her work has been mentioned in the well known Spanish newspaper “El Pais”.
Little by little Beatriz has been moving into the field of publicity with small projects for clientes such as Bankinter, Corte Inglés, as well as, with agencies such as Sra. Rushmore, Kitchen and Tapsa.

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