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I am a Cinematographer and award-winning Filmmaker living in Los Angeles.

I've photographed a variety of short form film and video, including work that has appeared on NOWNESS and MUN2.

I studied at the Northwest Film Center, and earned an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree from Portland State University, summa cum laude.

Recently, I directed and photographed the short documentary ‘REAL CHANGE,’ an official selection at the 29th Santa Barbara International Film Festival, the 38th Cleveland International Film Festival, and the 17th Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, among many others. The film was awarded “Best Documentary” by the New England Underground Film Festival, "Best Documentary Short" by the DIY Film Festival, and won a Bronze Jury Prize at the Seattle Social Justice Film Festival. Subsequently, the film received a Vimeo Staff Pick, and was featured on the curated site Zealous.

I am currently working as Director of Photography on the feature length documentary "ONCE I WAS: The Hal Ashby Story."

I believe that stories and pictures can make a difference. I have enjoyed the process of creating images since I was first drawn to 35mm photography as a child, and I am particularly interested in human stories that relate lived experience to understanding. I very much enjoy collaborating with talented and creative storytellers, and I am always looking for new projects.

Please contact me directly.

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