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I'm a large tank engine with water cannons and also part of the Search and Rescue Team.

When I first arrived on Sodor, I helped Thomas and Percy put out a fire at the old farm shed. I later advised the Fat Controller to bring Flynn to Sodor. I later tried to befriend Toby when I learned that we both had bells. At first I did not understand that Toby was an older engine that may not like the same things I do, but I soon realized my mistake and we are now firm friends.

I'm lively, loud, and proud, with a big personality. While I may come across as bolshy, highly self-assertive, and overwhelming, I always have the best of intentions at heart. I always want to do my best and be the best I can be, causing me to be daring, energetic, and bursting with enthusiasm. But I'm happy to talk to any engine or vehicle and, although I may be quick to jump in with my own ideas, I always try to understand, help, and be kind to others.


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