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Benjamin Busnel was born in 1980, near Paris.

Since 2006, he's working as a director, editor, graphicdesigner and video operator. His last short movies were selected and won prizes in several festivals, in France and in foreign countries.

He started writing stories and making movies at the age of 12, and has continued since then.

After his graduation (economics and politics), he stuyed production at the Boulogne Billancourt's Audiovisual B.T.S. and made internships in TV studios (FIT, Starling, VCF), cinema production companies (Les Films des Tournelles...).

In 2001, he joined as a scriptwriter and director NMi Productions, young company specialized in interactive video contents on the web.
As an director assistant and location manager assistant, he has been working on shootings between 2002 and 2006. He also worked for the PMU/Infocentre's professional online database as an Hotline Manager.

Benjamin participated in several theater projects and played Ben in "Les Aventuriers de 8h22" (, a short format TV series broadcast on Cap24 and LyonTV.

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