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Director for film and stage, Actor and having a go at photography.
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Directing for Stage:
- At Oxford University The Breakfast Club for Cuppers (Burton Taylor Studio, MT 2011; Runner up best actor) as well as Rubber Dinghy for the OUDS New Writing Festival (HT 2012; winner, best production).
- I subsequently took 'Rubber Dinghy' up to Edinburgh 2012 for a 7 run slot at Zoo Southside.

An Evening Out (2013): password protected.
Frost/Nixon Trailer (2013)
Countdown Trailer (2013)
Oxford Revue Trailer (2013)
Action Stations Trailer (2013)
RAG Ball 'Neverland' Trailer (2013)

Orpheus at C3 at (Edinburgh Fringe, 2011), and at Oxford University Broken Stars (Moser Theatre, 2011) with lead roles in Messiah Man (Burton Taylor Studio, 2012), Tamings (O’Reilly Theatre, 2012) and Volporne XXX (O’Reilly Theatre, 2012).

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