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Ben Stamper is a picture maker. Ben's pictures come in all shapes and sizes. Some are big and moving and some are quiet and quite small. Some are made with pigment and oil while others are going really really fast (23.976 fps). Besides making pictures, Ben also makes sounds. He and his wife Vesper are musicians on the Sounds Familyre record label (aka Ben + Vesper). Anything sound related can be heard here:

Returning to the pictures, specifically moving ones, Ben gets excited about narrative, music video, documentary, commercial and pretty much anything that he can aim his camera at.
Ben's first documentary "Sidecars" has been screened at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC as part of the Sprout Film Festival (2008). Sidecars has also appeared in several other festivals such as the Rhode Island International Film Festival, The New Jersey International Film Festival, the Black Bear Film Festival and the Pocono Film Festival where it won Best Documentary.
Ben's latest documentary "Horse & Rider: A Journey Towards Freedom" has earned several awards in 2012: Best Feature for Children's Advocacy at the Artivist Film Festival, Redemptive Storyteller of the Year Award at the Redemptive Film Festival and the Award of Merit for the Accolade Competition.

Currently, Ben has just wrapped up the edit for a narrative feature length film Simple Superstar produced and directed by India's first YouTube star Wilbur Sargunaraj. for this same project, Ben travelled to Dubai and across India as the DP and Assistant Director. the official trailer for Simple Superstar can be seen here:

Ben is also working on a documentary entitled "DON'T FOIL MY PLANS" about an extraordinary autistic artist and his dreams of moving out of the house and living independently.

Otherwise, Ben spends his time romping around the mythical industrial disaster that is the Meadowlands of New Jersey. Highlights of these wanderings can be seen on the Haiku Happy Hour channel of this page:
Ben resides in Northern NJ with his super lovely wife Vesper and their two beautiful children.

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  1. Excellent. And every other filmmaker attempting to produce an architectural portrait on film should take a lesson from your skillful music selection. ...minimal, relevant, non-intrusive.