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We are a creative audio house based in West Didsbury in Manchester, The North of England.

Nominated for two Sound Design awards in International Music and Sound Awards (MAS) in Cannes, 2013

Nominated for Best Sound Design (Cinema Advertising, Branding) in the MAS Awards, 2013,2012

Winner, Bronze for Best Sound Design in a TV commercial for the Creative Circle, 2003.

We create award winning Music and Sound Design for Television, Feature Film, Commercials, Exhibitions/Museums, Digital media, Theatre, Radio and Corporate clients.

Our work includes commissions for The Irish Times, The Olympic Games 2012, The F.A, The Museum of Liverpool, The National Football Museum, St Paul's Cathedral,, David Beckham Football, Umbro, Lexus, Dettol, Toyota, Chrysler, Sony @ E3, Nikon, Mortal Kombat, Co-operative Bank, ICI, Prudential, several short films, animations and now our first full- length feature film, "Blodhefnd". For this project we've supplied: foley, dialog editing, premixing and sound design as well as a brooding textural music score.

Bent Ear were founded by Simeon Davies & Sean Mortimer.

With over 500 works to our name, we have over 12 years' experience with a reputation for imaginative, exciting and innovative audio. We like to work with clients from the earliest consultation stages, through to the very end of the project.

We've dragged microphones behind cars, played bells and cymbals in an empty St Paul's Cathedral at 6am, recorded premiership football matches with the most advanced surround microphones known to man, tortured luxury cars in giant anechoic chambers, hurled aluminium and brass bars into water tanks with hydrophones and captured the ghostly EM fields from electricity pylons. Oh, and written music. Lots of it.

The nuts & bolts stuff we can also help you with includes: audio post, music & soundtrack mixing & editing, SFX & foley recording, vocal & dialog recording, dialog editing, arranging & production of voiceover sessions, ADR, audio restoration and surround sound mixing (up to 7.1)

We can also help you with your music consultation and licensing.

We also have a large back catalogue of music we've composed for BMGZomba / Universal: and enter "simeon davies" in the quick search bar.

Here is a small selection of our work to picture.
Unless specified otherwise, all sound in these films (c) Bent Ear LTD.
All this work has been broadcast.
07966 796041

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