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David B. Berget is a recent graduate of the American Film Institute Conservatory (MFA Directing) – Rated the best in the word by the Hollywood reporter. He also holds a degree from Westerdals School of Communication, one of Europe’s top communication schools in Oslo, Norway.
Born and raised in Oslo, Norway, his fervor started early with his parents Hi8 camera, where he experimented with visual style and storytelling. Right then, an instant passion and fundamental curiosity to explore the medium was established.
His professional career started with several shorts and commercials, which gained him recognition on the biggest TV networks in Norway – NRK, TV2 and TVNORWAY. One of his biggest clients was Pokerstars, where he directed and produced a feature length documentary, “BALTIC SESSIONS”, giving an in-depth portrait of the biggest names in poker. He also directed several commercial campaigns for the Norwegian Veteran society and tech-company Softline solutions.
His narrative work has been featured in numerous festivals, including his 2011 short “The Fratres”, which was screened under the March de Film category at the Cannes film festival. His forty minute thriller “DINO” was given a great deal of publicity in Norway due to it’s portrait of cultural indifferences and the criminal underworld – leading to several talkbacks at TV shows, radios, schools and institutions. Berget’s most recent work, the 2013 historic thriller “JONESTOWN”, is his AFI thesis film and is currently making it’s rounds on the festival circuit. The film deals with the true story of Jim Jones and the Jonestown massacre that claimed over 900 lives – including 200 children. The story follows a young reporter who travelled down to the commune to investigate with a US delegation. The film portrays the last 48 hours leading up to the mass-suicide.
David is currently in-development with several feature projects, including an adaptation of “The Gospel of Lucifer” based on the books by Scandinavian-best selling writer, Tom Egeland. He is also writing two original screenplays, a feature length version of his short “JONESTOWN” and a political thriller about conspiracy of governments and hidden, dark agendas.

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