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I graduated from Calvin College with a B.A. in Media Production in 2010. Now my task is to find a job doing what I love! I aspire to be a cinematographer for a humanitarian organization. I want to work for social reform and use the skills that I have to make a difference in the world. I am also a freelance photographer. My portfolio can be found at

My passion lies in cinematography and showing the beauty that God has created in the world. I aspire to make people do double takes and find the beauty in everyday things. Even a gray, rainy day has beauty within it.

I have been incredibly blessed with opportunities to follow my dreams and travel. I spent 4 months traveling across Europe, and doing a semester abroad in Budapest Hungary. We traveled to Eastern Europe, and I left my heart with the Roma in the Ukraine. I want to go back sometime soon and make a documentary about the children there. I also had the opportunity to travel to Thailand and Cambodia as a Videographer. I traveled with an incredible group of college students and was able to observe and absorb a culture so drastically different than my own.

I have a passion for travel, for immersing myself in other cultures, and for learning new languages. I thrive in unfamiliar situations and revel in the beautiful cultures around me.

Additional projects can be found at

I was Assistant Camera and editor for these videos.

and here

I served as the Director of Photography, Editor, and Colorist for this series of parenting videos.

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