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    by Matt Kleiner subscribed to

    64 Videos / 61 Followers

    to CIRCULATE is to flow without obstruction

  2. KAMP - Music & Sound Design Portfolio

    by studiokamp subscribed to

    32 Videos / 62 Followers

    Welcome! Kamp creates music composition and sound design for advertising, independent animation, broadcast, film and web. This channel features my recent work. Visit: http://www.davidkamp.de

  3. Dimension Loop

    by Firman Machda subscribed to

    98 Videos / 94 Followers

    hi Motionpeeps , this is a channel where the best motion graphics / animation / short film / basically anything in motion i found on Vimeo

  4. Punto y Raya Festival | Abstract Film & Visual Music

    by Punto y Raya Festival - dot&line subscribed to

    667 Videos / 171 Followers

    The "most abstract festival in the world" features only dots and lines as ends in themselves. No representation! A feast of pure Form, Colour, Sound and Motion. Back to basics! www.puntoyrayafestival.com

  5. Totally Worth Watching

    by Diego Contreras subscribed to

    212 Videos / 321 Followers

    Inspiring videos that are totally worth watching. Enjoy and thanks for following! Diego www.vimeo.com/diegocontreras

  6. Select Videos

    by Poifox subscribed to

    1,036 Videos / 1,260 Followers

    The place for fine and original videos. Beautiful artwork, excentric cinema, amazing visuals and cool music videoclips. Subscribe for the best selection of artistic works around Vimeo :) [ [ […

  7. Music Videos

    by SINLOGO subscribed to

    212 Videos / 4,032 Followers

    A page for music videos we like, specially those with animation.

  8. Music videos and short films

    by Alberto Martinez subscribed to

    134 Videos / 5 Followers

    Intense and interesting visuals. www.hazyspecs.com

  9. Urban Legends International™

    by Urban Legends International subscribed to

    207 Videos / 25 Followers

    Welcome to Urban Legends International™ We bring you world class short films, animations and music videos from talented international short film makers. Please use the shout box to let…

  10. Reel Poetic

    by David Hui subscribed to

    136 Videos / 85 Followers

    "A film is - or should be - more like music than like fiction." - Stanley Kubrick "It [poetry] may make us from time to time a little more aware of the deeper, unnamed feelings…

  11. Cannes in a Van

    by Cannes in a Van: Film in Transit subscribed to

    188 Videos / 39 Followers

    The smallest mobile film festival in the world meets the biggest as three blokes, a projector and a van, take on the big guns at Cannes in a new approach to guerrilla cinema. We screen the best selection…

  12. Doctor Ojiplático on Vimeo

    by Doctor Ojiplático subscribed to

    175 Videos / 34 Followers

    http://www.doctorojiplatico.com/ Educación sentimental de la niña de tus ojos

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