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The love of fashion, music, and art, the rejection of establishment, that’s BEVSTMODE. It is that raw, unadulterated celebration of Toronto’s street culture through underground Hip Hop, Trap, EDM, New Disco, House and Experimental Music. Emphasis on the music, because that’s what it’s about: We play for the tastemakers who are attracted to quality over familiarity.

Usually the more urban clubs are for the wallflowers and posers, but our boundary-pushing, specially selected DJs ensure that the only people against the walls are the ones who can’t find room on the floor. Our team takes great pride in ensuring every detail from our song selection, Constantly finding new artists and new sounds, down to our marketing schemes and visuals, to finding the most obscure venues that attracts an eclectic crowd of young professionals within Toronto that know when to surrender their ego and have fun.

Our objective is to push culture in any way possible.


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