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Bhojraj Bhat is a journalist based in Kathmandu. He specializes in conflict, security, Maoist insurgency and social issues. He holds more than one and half decades experience in the journalism sector.
Sunakali is Bhat’s first outing as a full-fledged documentary maker. He has partnered with several national and international organizations to prepare documentary and news features. He teamed up with Babel Press to produce news documentary on ‘bikini killer’ Charles Shobraj. He also joined hands with France 24 International News Channel to produce news documentary titled ‘Nepal: the last Maoists’. He has worked with Nagarik daily, Nepal weekly magazine and Space Time daily in different capacities. Bhat also worked as stringer, fixer and translator for News Week International’s Russian edition.
Bhat also has keen interest in photography. Dozens of his photos related to Maoist insurgency have been published by leading news agencies in the world like AFP, AP and Reuters. He has also contributed in different publications like Selected Articles on Maoist Insurgency published by Martin Chautari. Bhat has prepared special stories like 'Brave Gurkha' – an investigative story on Nepali mercenaries in Kabul, Afghanistan and ‘A Review of 10-Year Insurgency in Rolpa’.


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