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rome, italy

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So, you wanna know what is all about, huh?

Well, let's pretend you're from networks such as SKY, LA7, RAI, MEDIASET, or perhaps agencies just like Armando Testa, McCann Erickson, RSCG. Or even productions an post-productions facilities like Marifilm, Lotus, Blumalab, BRW & Partners, Duck Studio, Frame by Frame.

On a fine day, you suddenly shout out to your team: "I need a professional Art Director and a (Motion) Designer, based in Rome!!! Go and get her!"

Not enough, 'cause you also want to be sure to find somebody handling your project - name it design packages, openings, commercials, promos, promotional videos or even creative services for movie features - just as a professional can do: sharp creativeness, overall top quality design, smart and effective compositing/editing and focus on deadlines.
You can even choose if everything will be done on-site or in a professional remote studio, where 3D and sound design are usually handled by fellow professionals: you know, social networking is key. Cool, huh?

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Good, it means we probably already met each other.

If not, you're probably about to hire me ;)

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