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  1. IoSim

    by IoSim subscribed to

    24 Videos / 57 Followers

    A showcase for RealFlow simulations using any one of the plugins created by IoSim, including, Morph, CrowdFlow, HotNCold and Melt

  2. 4BIKES.ir

    by mehran ghorbani subscribed to

    124 Videos / 96 Followers

    Trial - downhil - bmx - ... http://4bikes.ir/

  3. Animator Reels

    by gerardo castellanos subscribed to

    119 Videos / 414 Followers

    awesome animator's demo reels

  4. Proceduralism

    by Andy Moorer subscribed to

    1,837 Videos / 2,505 Followers

    A showcase of procedural computer graphics, where computer software and artistry meet. Particle systems, procedural models, and visual effects achieved through custom scripts and software are showcased…

  5. Processing

    by Dimitre subscribed to

    25 Videos / 1,696 Followers

  6. Nikon D7000 DSLR Films

    by Josh Weiss subscribed to

    156 Videos / 662 Followers

    This Channel is looking to promote pieces shot on the Nikon D7000. Please do not ask to post stuff that is merely a sample clip. Anything with a few decent shots edited together would be great,…

  7. Main Titles & Broadcast Design

    by Les Mondes Impossibles subscribed to

    1,572 Videos / 2,713 Followers

    All about Main Titles, Open Titles, Intro and Broadcast design

  8. CG VFX

    by pixelpro subscribed to

    52 Videos / 2,024 Followers

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