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Big Car uses creativity as a catalyst to help build better communities. By providing unique, educational, participatory, playful, and personal experiences, we engage people of all ages and backgrounds in creative projects — inspiring them to be more involved, tolerant and connected citizens.

As an Indianapolis-based nonprofit organization operating since 2004, we see creativity as a tool for nurturing a more vibrant city from the ground up, as a way to revitalize neighborhoods in need, and boost the quality of life for every person. We want to help people enjoy their lives and get to serve, make things, read and write, play, talk with each other, and just be.

We call ourselves Big Car because we help steer the way to better living through smart, sustainable, and creative design. And there’s room in our car for everyone to hop in and collaborate. Plus our home is Service Center, a former auto repair shop we transformed into a community creativity space.

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