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  1. iAnimate

    iAnimate PRO


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    With an all-star team of instructors and thousands of hours of recorded material available for all of their students, iAnimate.net really packs a punch when it comes to online education for animators! Workshop links: Feature http://www.ianimate.net/feature.html Games http://www.ianimate.net/games.html Creatures http://www.ianimate.net/creatures.html Motion…

  2. Andrey Francés

    Andrey Francés Zaragoza


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    Co-fundador de Full Basstards (www.fullbasstards.com) Productor/Compositor musical.

  3. psl

    psl Plus Barcelona


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    Pepe School Land is an 3D animation school based in Barcelona, Spain. Here you can find the studends works and some othrer ramdom stuff :)

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