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In 1993 I committed myself to a career devoted to performing as an actor in film, stage, television and commercial productions and have been a working member of the Screen Actors Guild since 1997. Thus I have had the privilege of working with many of the most talented people in one of the world's most creative and competitive professional environments. In 1999, on a parallel and complimentary track I was granted a Bachelor's Degree - cum laude - in Security Management from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Prior to that and for over ten years I was gainfully self-employed in the trucking business in NYC. Any spare time I may now have is spent traveling the world. These adventures have brought me to many diverse and fascinating locales, among them: Moscow, Marseilles, Medellin, Paris, Athens, Amsterdam, London, Edinburgh, Beijing, the Galapagos, Bangkok, Rome, Istanbul, Hanoi, Cairo and Jerusalem through Rio de Janeiro, Maccu Piccu, Hong Kong and Mexico City to points beyond which are too many to list, but I document my experiences in a weekly email newsletter titled Tip From the Top and would be flattered to ad you upon your request. I was born in Philadelphia and raised in the quaint old sea shore community of Brooklyn, New York. Got a problem wit dat?

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