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  1. Angeline Gragasin

    Angeline Gragasin Plus The Future


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    WOMAN OF THE FUTURE http://womenofthefuture.tv I also run a company called NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS: http://nationalheadquarters.org I love the Vimeo community, and love receiving messages from other Vimeans! However, due to the volume of messages I receive, my Vimeo message notifications often…

  2. Philip Bloom

    Philip Bloom PRO London


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    I am sorry I am unable to reply to emails sent to me here. Please contact me via email rather than vimeo at help@philipbloom.net DP, Director, FIlmmaker My other vimeo accounts are for my world travel videos, reviews and tutorials, plus one random stuff. Vimeo.com/bloomworld Vimeo.com/pbextras Vimeo.com/pbreviews

  3. Bent Image Lab

    Bent Image Lab Plus Portland, OR


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    Bent Image lab (or BENT) is a production company and animation studio specializing in commercials, music videos, long and short form entertainment, and visual effects for feature films. Located in Portland, Oregon the company was founded in 2002 by partners David Daniels, Ray Di Carlo, and Chel White.…

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