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I have been a professional cameraman since 2007 and a still photographer for over twenty years. I currently own & operate with a Sony F5, F3, Sony EX-1 and the Nikon D800.

I primarily film documentary/current events and corporate video along with commercial and narrative projects. My work has been seen in broadcast, web and theatrical releases. The majority of my journalism based work has been produced by myself as well. In 2012, my co-producer and I received a Emmy nomination in News & Doc for a story I filmed and we produced for Dan Rather Reports.

My video clients have included; The New York Times, TIME Magazine, FRONTLINE/PBS, BBC, HDNet, Turner Broadcasting, Guardian Films, Channel 4 (UK), HGTV, Brave New Films, Chobani Yogurt, KOHL'S, Honeywell, TARGET, MetroPCS, Leo Burnett NY / The Village Voice, Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

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