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I live in Brooklyn. In addition to my music practice, I throw live visuals at events and performances. My work has been exhibited at PIXELPOPS2008, LE:60 1-Minute Film Fest, {R}AKE A/V Fest, Interpenetration Festival Graz, and elsewhere. I have created videos for Mural, EN, Rangefinder and Secret Pyramid.

I am working w/a lo-fi, impressionistic aesthetic. My workflow took a big turn in the summer of 2013, switching to CoGe as my visuals treatment/projection application, and working from 720p media shot entirely by myself. My video for Secret Pyramid's "A Descent" is the first product of this change.

All the music included in these videos is my own, unless otherwise noted. I would like to note that I consider it optional to view these videos w/the sound on.

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