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North Devon, United Kingdom

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Biscuit Dunker Productions is the surf film-making team of Pete Hill and Ben Haworth, two local surfers and friends from North Devon in the UK.

Started in 2013, Biscuit Dunker is the product of two friends with a passion for the ocean, a desire to create, and a few thousand cups of tea.

Ben and Pete both decided early on that they didn't want to restrict or pigeon-hole themselves by only creating a single style of surf film. Instead they try to create projects that people want to watch over and over, to share with their friends, to laugh about, to just enjoy the simple act of watching something to get you stoked, which is what surf films are all about. They try to capture the enjoyment of having fun surfing with your friends, to forget about the competitions and the rest of it from time to time, which every surfer needs reminding of now and again.

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