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College senior soon, Computer Engineering. Gamer. Soon to be world traveler.


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  1. bkralp24 commented on SECRET SHOW #16
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fRaorPQIhA most hilarious bill cosby impression, most fuckable huxtable
  2. bkralp24 commented on SECRET SHOW #16
    Great line up here, hilarious people, but half the mics barely work for the podcast
  3. man i just wish there was more of these per week, need more KP lol, this is honestly my favorite podcast now
  4. bkralp24 commented on POINTLESS #14
    Good podcast, i thought some of the things she talked about were really interesting! I was also kinda looking forward to the tech talk between KP and Redban at the end but I guess it didn't happen this time.