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Travel is a consistent theme in the life and work of filmmaker, musician and writer Dustin Lynn. Born in Oakland, California, Lynn was raised in Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Florida, Oregon and Minnesota—a crash course in observing and adapting that prepared him well for future adventures. After studying drama at Harvard, Lynn worked with Jack Johnson and the Malloy brothers on the surfing film Thicker Than Water, before transitioning into fine arts with a series of 16-millimeter documentaries and experimental movies; Lynn’s work has screened at the Tribeca Film Festival and the New York Film Festival, among others, and he has exhibited with Galerie Karsten Greve in Paris, Cologne and St. Mortiz. Collaborations with fellow artists Fernando Apodaca, Gabriel Orozco, and Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin have taken Lynn as far afield as the jungles of Ecuador and Peter Beard’s Hog Ranch in Kenya, the latter striking him as particularly whimsical. “I remember whenever I would be in the community kitchen making a sandwich, a giraffe would dip its head through the doorway with a curious look in her eye,” he says. Lynn’s most recent work includes a collaboration with with Pia Getty on her film Axis of Light, a campaign for luxury designer Corto Moltedo, and a film for Alexander McQueen, which debuted at Selfridges in London in 2012. As you might have guessed, he currently lives on the road.

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