Black Bean Project

São Paulo, Brazil

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Genre: Alternative / Experimental/MinimalistaNoise

Project created in June 2009, aiming to create new sounds and concepts (exploring the electronic and organic). Focusing primarily on music and arts from interventions, painting, plastic arts, photography, literature, etc ... Blending all these elements. The idea arose, was created and developed in a larger amplitude on May 6, 2010. Now with more talking heads, reached a new stage, new idea of sound and attitude. What helped in all this was in bands that passed there was no room for such "conceptual experimentalism, musical" so this project was done. Some of the tracks are improvised, or the "flow". In a very unassuming. So unassuming that even the space for new "manipulations, and shares ... Because what counts is to overcome barriers and create new environments and sounds. (Transcendence). This whole concept would not be possible without the concept: "Do it yourself. " For everything that is generated.

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