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Blacklime is made from filmmakers to filmmakers. Because we believe that you can succeed only if you love what you do, and definitely this is us!

We are connected with a vast array of media companies, from distribution companies, to broadcasting companies, to filmmakers and to yes, you guessed it the industry.
Some years went by in building our network, and the quest for better, more profitable and further contacts never ends.

As a content producer, we will simply ask you to give us the (non exclusive) rights to trade your film and to share the result of our negotiations with you when we make a sale. And it's easier for us, as we are a reference in the market. Also we might market you in a certain way to a specific client, as we know form facts that will help us hit the bulls-eye.

As a broadcasting facility, we will sort out your scheduling: we can give you whatever you need to get started, or supply your demanding audience with fresh content from all over the world. It's like having a talented worldwide crew at your services, for a fraction of the cost.

Why limit yourself when the possibilities are truly limitless?

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