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Blackwood Cinema is a digital cinema, production, and post-production shop in Las Vegas. We have, in-house, RED Digital Cinema equipment (Epic and Dragon camera systems), plus a full compliment of RED modules, accessories, and hardware. We also have fluid head tripod systems, cinema dolly, Digital Image Technician (DIT) services, DIT cart, DIT on-set production rig, ProRes real-time capture for 4K-2K-1080p HD SDI, on-set RAID capture and backup, plus lots more. Lights,v-lock batteries, and even production vehicles (including a DIT/Directors truck with a 4K monitor built-in.)

We love digital cinema. Production, capture, DIT (RED, SONY, ARRI), edit, rental, and even post. We specialize in RED capture and workflow.

Our notable clients include; Microsoft Corporation, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Brinker International, Panasonic Matsushita Corporation, Wynn Resorts Group, Vegas Nightlife Group, Victor Drai, TI, Iggy Azalea, Penthouse Media Group, Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson, The Palazzo Las Vegas and many more.

Office Phone: 702-949-0799
24/7 Call / Text: 702-826-0396

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