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    by Blake Whitman

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    Top 12 of 12

    by Blake Whitman

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    My favs of the year 2012. For your viewing pleasure.

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    by Blake Whitman

    23 Videos

    Videos of Hurricane Sandy created by the Vimeo Community

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    Top 10 of 2011

    by Blake Whitman

    9 Videos

    My favorite videos of the year in no particular order. And this, http://vimeo.com/19723116 but it can't be added to albums at the moment.

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    by Blake Whitman

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    by Blake Whitman

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    by Blake Whitman

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    by Blake Whitman

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    by Blake Whitman

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    Vimeo Offline - Beyond Planet Earth

    by Blake Whitman

    20 Videos

    Here's the playlist for the Vimeo Offline event at the American Museum of Natural History. Check out the new video contest that the Museum and Vimeo are hosting in conjunction with their new…

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    by Blake Whitman

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    family vids

    by Blake Whitman

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