Blayne Wyatt

Tampa, FL

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My work as an artist engages questions of media and its saturation, perception and influences. The world we live in has a seemingly infinite vehicle for explorations on this subject especially with the projected growth rates for technology in the near future. These new technologies are constantly evolving and degrading the way in which we perceive today’s society and our everyday lives. The form of my work reflects a synthesis of mass media, political commentary, traditional art forms, and the illuminated projection. The mass media is a combination of simple reportage of social and cultural concerns that lightly question the consequences of a disjunctive and over-engineered world. Social and cultural experiences that we are conscious of in our daily life lead to the constant development of our identity. The overlapping between these areas of study is a rich source of inspiration for my work. It is in this realm, in the unique interplay between the physical and the digital, that my work engages and explores new territory.

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