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I am a twenty five year old experimental film and videomaker living in Binghamton, NY. I graduated from Binghamton University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema.My films explore bleakness, despair, humanity, and deterioration. Minimalism is often employed in my works.


  1. Vincent Grenier
  2. Julia Jin
  3. Nadine Fussell
  4. Valerio Calsolaro
  5. Michael Robinson
  6. Sophie Kenyon
  7. monteith mccollum
  8. Brian murphy
  9. If You Make It
  10. Cob Job
  11. Opium Den Collective
  12. Alyssa Micha
  14. Alvaro Salvagno
  15. Eric Wareheim
  16. jake quain
  17. Erik van Ingen
  18. Dorianne Wotton

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