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Please support our project here:

Join us as we explore the creative process through short-form arts and culture human interest docu-series featuring the most inspired visionaries we can find!

Blight Productions is an independent multi-award winning boutique media production company based in LA; we specialize in the documentation, education, inspiration and promotion of art, life and creativity.

We use the Patreon platform to create a transparent democratically funded public service providing unique unfiltered inspirational short-form documentaries about visionary artists and creative ideas we think you should consider.

Our goal is to ensure that the documentaries we produce are as pure, open and honest as the artists featured in them. To achieve this, we keep these productions independent and free from corporate agendas and censorship. By pledging any amount of money, you will not only help us produce more inspirational tales, but you will also help brilliant artists from around the world share their stories, passions and work with the global art-loving community.

NOTE: As a way to help inspire significant positive change in the world; 10% of the proceeds from each video funded through this Patreon page will be donated to various charities either chosen by the episodes' featured artist or voted on by our Patreon supporters!

The main project we are currently focused on is "A FOOL'S IDEA", please visit the website for more information.

You can also explore the Blight Productions website and find some of the other award winning projects we have done in the past.

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