Hey folks,

You may remember that a few weeks back we announced that we were testing our new Desktop Uploader application. Well, we've squashed a lot of bugs (thanks, early testers!), made the app quite stable, and now we're ready to move on to a public beta stage.

This means that you no longer need an invitation to download the Desktop Uploader. Just head on over to the download page, and you can grab your very own copy.

The Desktop Uploader is based on Adobe® AIR™ technology, so it works on a variety of operating systems. It allows you to upload multiple videos in one batch, pause and resume uploading, add titles, tags, descriptions, and basic privacy settings to your videos. We hope to add even more features in the near future. For those who are curious about how it works, the Uploader communicates with Vimeo entirely through our new API.

After you've installed the application, if you have any troubles, please use the "Report a bug" button in the application itself to let us know. We'll fix whatever problems remain during this public beta period with your help.

We hope you enjoy how easy it is to post videos to Vimeo with the Desktop Uploader!

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Mathias Røyrvik

Mathias Røyrvik Plus

Hell yes! I've been waiting for this =D

It's a reason why I, sorry. WE, love Vimeo =)



Nice! Can't wait to get home and try it out!

Calvin Hill

Calvin Hill

Cool! I look forward to using it soon.

Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner PRO

I love the vimeo, vimeo, vimeo, vimeo...


Red Tape Pictures

Red Tape Pictures PRO

the uploader was so much easier, and allowed us to just continue if the uploading process got stopped. Now it's a case of, trying again and again if the upload fails. BRING IT BACK, oh and how do I get rid of the new looking vimeo, I now regret wanting change, I hate change! especially if it sux and has no benefits.


DMI Plus

Since going to the new vimeo my videos don't load. My compressor settings haven't changed. Was hoping to try another uploader.

Textlocal SMS Marketing

Textlocal SMS Marketing Plus

Yep.. need some kind of uploader - my 400mb vid keeps failing betwen 18-30% done.. (6th time now!!). Help!! :)

Brian Eastwood

Brian Eastwood Plus

Bring back the uploader. So much time wasted on failed uploads.

Chris Emerson

Chris Emerson Plus

+1 uploading has become very frustrating. So many failed uploads.. very few methods to upload now.

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