Howdy folks,

Here at Vimeo, we've always been focused on making sure you get the most value out of Vimeo Plus and now PRO accounts by continuously adding new features, increasing quality, and reliability. However, we've now moved beyond on-site value and are extremely pleased to present Vimeo Perks.

What is Perks?
Vimeo Perks is a member rewards program for our Plus and PRO community, providing unique discounts on cameras, software, and video accessory products that we all love. We partnered with a bunch of companies you know and trust like B&H, Kessler, Red Giant, Letus, and GarageCube to offer unique discounts on their products. All you need is a Plus or PRO account and these perks are yours.

Cool, but why are you doing this?
Perks is our way of saying thanks for using Vimeo. We're introducing this program with a selection of products and packages that cater to every type of Vimeo member. So whether you're just starting your video journey or you're filming your first major motion picture on the moon, you'll find something for you.

Will you be adding more in the future?
Wow, great question! Absolutely. We're planning on updating the participating partners and featured products frequently to accommodate new product launches, upgrades, and pricing fluctuations, so it would be wise to check back often!

Check out Vimeo Perks!

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Gabriel Shalom

Gabriel Shalom Plus

another reason why Vimeo is my favorite online service of them all! great spot too :)

Osman Boylu

Osman Boylu

It would be nice, one day, you guys become partner with Canon!

the hauser export project.

the hauser export project. Plus

And just when you think Vimeo has peaked as the premiere video production art culture on the internet... BLAM. NEW LEVEL, SON.

Big ups, peeps. Big ol' ups.

Fernando Huck

Fernando Huck

Great idea! Congrats!
Do you deliver the equipment to Brazil ?


Blake Whitman

Blake Whitman Staff

Every third moon we hand-deliver to your doorstep*

*comments may not be factual


keoshi Plus

Nice going, guys! Love the idea :)

Don Hendricks

Don Hendricks Plus

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. Really. Thank you. I LUV my Vimeo!! It just keeps getting better all the time!

Dave Dugdale

Dave Dugdale Plus

Is there a way to get alerted of new perks as they come out? I know I will forget to come back in look when I am buying something.

Andrea Allen

Andrea Allen Staff

Great idea, Dave. We'll look into a good way of letting people know.



so this is how i look like when i buy something from you guys! :D
Great stuff lets see what you guys have there.


MikeA Plus

Good start - when is Adobe signing up ;-)

Achint Bansal

Achint Bansal

that's very nice! I think vimeo totally understands our needs.. and is always thinking two steps ahead.. do keep us happy like this :)


keith Plus

B&H?!! WHAT?!! They NEVER give discounts! Awesome.

Eric Tomakin

Eric Tomakin Plus

Just in time before my next equipment purchase. Thanks.



Great idea! For 2 year now I only thought I liked Vimeo but now I know. I LOVE it! BTW the Music Store going 2b 1 of the best thing Vimeo has done.

Justin Hawk

Justin Hawk

shame on you guys for masking out that girl's cleavage. shame on you.

Make by Þorpið

Make by Þorpið

It says. Choose from 12 exclusive packages of cameras and accessories for every kind of video creator.

What are the 12 packages?

Michael Courouleau

Michael Courouleau

It's really good that I know these packages. These are truly helpful to me.

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