Great news! Bonnes nouvelles! Gute Nachrichten! Le Vimeo is l'debuting in l'French und der German. To accomplish this stunning feat of linguistic acrobatics, we dispatched Vimeo employees to embed deeply within France and Germany, where they earned the trust of the locals, experienced a totally unique perspective on friendship and culture, flew atop predatory birds, and uncovered stockpiles of Unobtainium, a key translation metal.*

But it all went horribly wrong, we fought in a rebellion, learned the folly of our ways, etc. So we turned to the Vimeo community for help, which proved much more effective and less CGI-intensive.

And now it's fini, fertig, finished (though not Finnish). To update your language settings, use the language selector on the bottom of any Vimeo page or the one in your Profile Settings. If your browser is set to Spanish, French or German, we'll switch you to that language automatically. You can flip back to English any time, just like they do in Bollywood movies.

We want to give huge hugs of thanks to all the fantastic francophones and Germaniacs who helped make this project happen. They made sure the translations maintained our special Vimeo flavor, and we couldn¹t have done it without them. We're extremely grateful, or as we're told they say in Paris, "J'aime faire pipi dans mes pantalons." We really mean it.

*We make elementary chemistry puns, but only periodically.

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Ioana Chiorean

Ioana Chiorean

Alex, Any chance to help out with other localized versions?


gnakli Plus

Super merci ça fait très plaisir !!!

In english :
thank you very much vimeo's staff !!!


Remyyy Plus

Cool !! "Ca le fait !" Mister X is gonna be out of work ! Plus

Great job! Thank you guys! I hope Russian will follow once.

Jean Amoris

Jean Amoris Plus

Je n'aime pas faire pipi dans mes pantalons. Mais merci Vimeo!

Joachim Koehler

Joachim Koehler

I'm not sure about that language changing thing..
I thought the whole spirit of this community would be to speak one global language.
I disagree. Sorry.

Greetings from Germany

Carlo Casella

Carlo Casella

Is it possible in the future to have also the possibility of italian language? Thanks a lot! :-)



Un grand merci ! Pouces en l'air pour Vimeo !

Robert Desrosiers

Robert Desrosiers Plus

Génial! les canadiens francais sont des grands adeptes de VIMEO. Merci!!!

Ray Noble

Ray Noble

It's sad but since Google took over YouTube all privacy will be lost. Many people are upset that Google took it over. I found your site thru a YouTube subscriber. You may be getting a lot more action now that Google has screwed up YouTube. Anyway, If nothing changes on Vimeo, I am here to stay. Good luck. PS: I will pass the word about your website.

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